Kontist - Business Banking for Freelancers

No need to stress - you save time and money with the first automated free business bank account with tax calculation, automated bookkeeping and an expense management minded Mastercard.

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Opening an account is a breeze

With our mobile banking app you can open a business bank account in under 10 minutes, and do your banking anywhere, anytime. Transaction notifications ensure you never miss an account update. Paper, frown and hassle free.

Your German business bank account

Your business account comes with a German IBAN and deposit insurance. It has all the standard things like your balance, a transaction list and the ability to send and receive money. The account makes it easy to separate your private from your business finances, simplifying your bookkeeping.

Escape the “tax trap” with real-time tax calculation

With Kontist, you get an overview of what you owe for taxes and how much disposable monthly net income is left. The account automatically sets aside your income tax and value-added tax on revenues and stores them in virtual sub-accounts, to ensure you're never surprised by a tax payment.

Track expenses with your Mastercard

Your Mastercard is linked directly to your business account. In addition to cashless payment, it helps you get an overview of your business purchases. Any card payment you make will be automatically saved in your account, and you will be prompted to categorize it. The system is constantly learning, so that automatic categorization will possible in the future.

Accounting Integration in Kontist

Kontist integrates with your accounting system to save you time and give you more control of your cash flow. It’s easy to connect your bookkeeping tool with Kontist in just a few clicks. Kontist imports your bank transactions directly into your accounting records. Expenditure is recorded immediately. In addition, Kontist automatically matches incoming payments with your invoices, and sets aside the right tax amount.

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What a team: @Kontist and @debitoor_de. A dream 😍👌🏻!!! You gift me precious time, thanks.

Daniel Vierich, Twitter

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I know we live in the darkest timeline. But I've just opened a bank account. Via app. In my pajamas. @Kontist

Christian Steiner, Twitter

Security at Kontist

It's never been easier to indepently manage your banking as an entrepreneur. But that doesn't mean it's become less secure. While processing countless transactions every day we employ a carefully selected range of security measures to keep your money, your account and your business information safe and secure.