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Benefit from incoming payments automatically being ticked off in the Debitoor accounting tool

All incoming payments are synchronized - so you always know which invoices have been paid, and which positions are still open.

Synchronize your business bank account directly to Debitoor via the mobile Kontist app

Synchronization made easy.

Synchronization of your Kontist bank account with Debitoor

When you connect your bank account to Debitoor, the data of all incoming payments is synchronized in Debitoor’s accounting tool.

Importing revenues to Debitoor

For each incoming payment a record is created directly in Debitoor. And Kontist automatically imports all invoices created in Debitoor into its banking tool.

Automatically mark paid invoices

Kontist compares incoming transactions with invoices created in Debitoor, and marks invoices as "paid" as soon as the money is in your account.

Automatically put money aside for taxes

On the basis of the invoice data imported from Debitoor, Kontist automatically categorises incoming payments and automatically sets aside income tax and value-added tax on these revenues.

What is Debitoor and how does it work?

Debitoor is a provider of accounting software and an invoicing program. Billing with Debitoor is foolproof, invoices are issued in the shortest possible time and the associated expenses can also be entered directly. Receipts, slips and all relevant documents can be easily photographed and then assigned to the respective invoice or item. Simple tax prepayments for sales taxes is also possible via the Debitoor software. This gives you a maximum overview and the greatest certainty about your finances.