Taxes, Bookkeeping and Banking for Freelancers and the Self-Employed | Kontist business banking
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Banking and bookkeeping in one

Manage your finances from anywhere with Kontist and lexoffice.

Together for your business

The deep integration of Kontist and lexoffice makes it easier than ever before to take control of your finances.

Real-time sync

All your Kontist account and card transactions are synced with lexoffice in real time, saving you time and manual work.

Receipt matching

lexoffice auto-suggests the matching receipt for every transaction on your Kontist bank account. That's your preparatory bookkeeping done.

Auto tax management

For every invoice captured in lexoffice, Kontist automatically categorises the incoming payment and puts aside your income taxes and VAT.

Online banking with lexoffice

Initiate bank transfers from any device, search for incoming payments, and much more.

Kontist & lexoffice: The perfect Duo for your freelance life

Simple, secure, self-employed - with lexoffice

lexoffice is the leading bookkeeping-tool for freelancers and small businesses. Create invoices, scan receipts, capture expenses and prepare your tax return - no prior knowledge required.