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Tax Advisory Service for the Self-Employed

  • Professional tax advisors

  • We speak English

  • Non-binding, free initial consultation


Worry-free self-employment

Tax advisory for the 21st century

Full-service, not self-service

Not a tool, but real, qualified people who take care of your financial bookkeeping, all tax-related topics and advise you professionally. No more tax stuff!

Experts at your side

Your competent tax advisor at Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH and their team know exactly what's important for the self-employed. Save time, money and finally have clarity on your tax situation.

Dealing with taxes? Never again

You don't need accounting tools anymore, nor do you have to invest time in paperwork on a regular basis. We take your administrative work off your hands. Finally concentrate fully on your self-employment.

One app for it all

Get paid by your clients, pay for your expenses online and offline, always know how much taxes you owe the German Finanzamt and contact your tax service - right in your Kontist app. Fully digital.

Kontist Kunde Tim Senger

"Thanks to the fast, straightforward consultation, I can now seek advice from a tax advisor on any complex transaction."

Tim Senger, Tim Senger Media Group

Easy tax handling for freelancers in Germany

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Save 32 days per year – more time to grow your business

We take these tasks off your shoulders

Financial bookkeeping

Completely outsource your monthly financial bookkeeping. Never again search through hundreds of emails for PDF receipts or check countless online tools to find the invoice download function.

Commercial and private tax declaration 

Is the annual deadline to submit your tax declaration approaching faster than expected? Avoid those long stressful nights trying to find this one missing paper receipt. We handle your tax declaration completely. 

Profit-and-Loss calculation 

Every item in the P&L (or so-called EÜR) determines your tax burden. We make sure that no expense, no matter how small, goes unnoticed. Sit back - because we take care of it!

Advance VAT returns  

Whether monthly or quarterly: Never again deal with annoying advance VAT payments, because we take them off your hands. Always on time and of course reliably.

Up-to-date advance tax payments

Your income fluctuates - and so does your tax burden. We take care that your advance tax payments are always up to date and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tax hotline – even on the weekend

To make sure you can reach someone for your tax-related questions – even on a Saturday night – our hotline is available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

Source: Kontist survey on time spent by freelancers on admin tasks (in German).


Your tax advisory team, digitally organized

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Tax advisor with business diploma

Juri Preis

CEO & Tax Advisor

Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Juri has been working as a tax consultant for almost 5 years. As a partner & tax advisor at Preis & Partner PartG mbB Steuerberater, he supports his clients in all tax-related topics – in a modern, digital way. Prior to this, he worked as a tax advisor for the renowned tax consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In addition, he knows the needs of the self-employed from his own personal experience, as he ran a music and culture club himself.

Tax service at a fixed fee

Hand over your administrative tasks

149 €

Full-service tax handling, accounting & communication with the tax authorities. Stay carefree and build your business!

Tax service for your self-employment
  • Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft organises all your tax topics, business banking provided by Kontist GmbH
  • We organise everything around your bookkeeping and taxes
  • Preliminary VAT returns and Profit-and-Loss statements (“EÜR”)
  • Annual financial statements, business and non-business tax declaration
  • Founder’s consulting and a hotline you can reach on 7 days a week
  • Tax advisory by experienced experts from Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Save time and money

A fixed fee for budget control & transparency

Full service at 149 € per month

Simplify your budget planning: Instead of surprise invoices on an hourly basis, we offer you the full tax service for 149 € per month plus VAT. Small business owners and new business starters can get the service for the discounted price of 99 € per month. Here you can find the price details. You can cancel on a monthly basis.

This gives you maximum transparency and control – especially if you are solo self-employed, a part-time freelancer or just starting your self-employment.


Register online within just a few minutes

This is how it works 

1. Are we a match? 

Just click on "Get free initial consultation" and find out immediately if we can offer you the Kontist tax service. You can also find all the details in our FAQ section further down on this page. Of course, the initial consultation is completely free of charge and without obligation. You will only incur costs if you decide to actually book the tax service later.

2. Welcome!

If you decide to book the Kontist tax service, we will ask you a few more questions about your self-employment during our onboarding (e.g. your tax number, responsible local tax authority, etc.). Of course, we will be happy to answer your questions as well!

3. Open your business bank account

After that, we will ask you to open your Kontist business bank account in just 9 minutes. Your account is immediately opened, already included in the fixed fee without any additional costs and it is a prerequisite to use the tax service. If you already have a Kontist business account, we will automatically ask you only the tax questions.

4. More time to grow your business

Now lean back, we are taking over: Invest the time you've gained in your business or use it for whatever is important to you. Of course, your tax service team will contact you if there are any questions or if there is something to discuss. You always have full control over your tax topics without having to handle them yourself.

The solution for financial organization in cooperation with Kontist GmbH

Taxes, bookkeeping and banking in one app

Kontist's mission is to make life easier for the self-employed. For this purpose, we have not only rethought banking, but also tax advisory. Our cornerstone is the business bank account provided by Kontist GmbH: it automatically records and categorizes all of your transactions and calculates your tax load, in other words, your real net. In order to make payments convenient and secure, your business account also includes a physical and virtual Visa card, as well as mobile payment options. This makes it easy for Kontist Service GmbH to relieve you of the preparatory financial accounting – an accounting tool is no longer necessary. Therefore, business bank account provided by Kontist GmbH is required for the tax service and included in the fixed fee.

Your experienced tax advisor of Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is right at your side for all tax consulting services, handles your tax-related tasks and communicates with the tax authority on your behalf. Without paperwork.


Get your non-binding initial consultation now

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*We indicate that the services of Kontist Steuerberatung are conducted by Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. Support in tax-related topics such as machine-aided bookkeeping is provided by Kontist Service GmbH. Kontist does not offer support in tax-related topics nor tax advisory services, but conveys these services between you and our partners Kontist Steuerberatungsgellschaft mbH and Kontist Service GmbH. Please find our Terms & Conditions here.