Automated bookkeeping

Next generation bookkeeping

Get one step ahead with us: with the exclusive integrations between Kontist and lexoffice, FastBill and Debitoor, your accounting becomes more than just keeping records. Increasingly automated processes save you valuable resources, give you a better financial overview and open up new opportunities for your ideas.

HBCI was yesterday – meet accounting in real-time

We make you faster! With real-time synchronization for your bank account and accounting records you accelerate without stumbling. Where others sweat, you can look ahead.

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Banking yesterday

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Today, HBCI is used by many providers as a standard interface between bank account and bookkeeping.

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With HBCI, data reconciliation is possible in one direction - from bank to bookkeeping - and therefore limited.

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With HBCI, you must continue to manually synchronise your banking transactions to your bookkeeping.

Banking with Kontist

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Kontist custom-integrates our partners' tools into your bank account and eliminates the risk of delayed data transfer.

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Kontist and your bookkeeping system exchange data and notifications deeply and in both directions.

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Automated and real-time, bank data flows into your accounting system and billing and tax information flow back to your bank account.

Expense and receipt management that fits into your flow

Manage your accounting here and now. With every transaction, the smart unit of Kontist and your accounting tool works automatically in the background.

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Accounting preview in your bank account

Constantly checking your bank account for paid invoices is a hassle. Kontist pulls invoices from your accounting tool and automatically matches them to your payments. In a match, the appropriate invoice from your accounting system is displayed in the detail view of the bank transaction – in return, your accounting system marks the invoice as paid. Thus, you always know which amounts are still outstanding.

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Dynamic tax features are now even smarter

Thanks to bookkeeping integrations, Kontist’s intelligent tax-estimating features are now even easier and better. They use accurate tax information from your accounting system for meaningful financial analyzes, enabling you to instantly recognize when things are getting out of hand, and to create opportunities for profit and growth.

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Automatic categorization

Kontist's business bank account automatically categorizes your expenses and revenues using the tax information on the invoices and receipts from your accounting system. Speculation regarding the standard tax rates is a thing of the past - in the transaction detail view of the Kontist app, the type of payment, net amount and value added tax amount are displayed accurately and clearly for each transaction.

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Accurately precalculating and putting aside taxes

Kontist uses the tax categorization to dynamically forecast your expected income tax and sales tax. The appropriate tax reserve is automatically stored in virtual sub accounts.

Thanks to the deep integration with your accounting system, the tax estimate and forecast of net revenue is more than just a rough guess: it gives you a meaningful overview of what your bottom line is.

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Our partners

Making two into one smart new thing: we work with our partners FastBill, Debitoor and lexoffice on the future of accounting.