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Accelerate and simplify your accounting with Kontist and save valuable resources with every invoice.

Never wait for your accounting again

We make you faster. With banking and bookkeeping in permanent sync you’ll go faster without stumbling. Say goodbye to outdated standards like HBCI, this is real time!


Banking with Kontist

Kontist integrates its partners’ solutions individually for optimal performance.

Information travels smartly in both ways between Kontist and your accounting tool.

Bank data flows into your accounting and billing and tax info flows back to Kontist automatically and in real time.

Banking yesterday

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Most banks communicate with accounting via HBCI, a standard from the 90’s.

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Data transfer is a rigid one-way street from bank to bookkeeping with HBCI.

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With HBCI your accounting only receives updates from your bank when you force it.

Enough with the paperwork and receipt sorting at the end of each month! You just manage your expenses as they happen.

Every time you pay with your Kontist Visa Card, you’re reminded to scan the receipt with your smartphone.

Every payment is automatically booked as an expense in your accounting system. The entry effort is completely eliminated.

You no longer have to manually gather receipts. You find them all already digitally archived in your accounting system.

Income meets Invoice

With Kontist you’ll always know who pays on time – and who doesn’t. Your accounting automatically shares invoices with your bank account, which are instantly matched to the right incoming payments. Invoices become visible in the detailed view inside the Kontist App and get marked as paid in your accounting too – fully automatically.


Even smarter tax forecasts

Kontist’s automatic tax calculation gets even better with data from accounting. Categorizing transactions becomes faster and simpler while forecasts become more accurate and more helpful.

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Automated categorization

Kontist automatically categorizes your expenses and revenues based on your invoices and receipts.

Stop puzzling over the proper tax rates – the type of payment, net amount and VAT are displayed accurately and clearly for each transaction in the app.

Clear view of net income and taxes

Kontist dynamically forecasts your expected income tax and sales tax. The right amounts are automatically set aside in virtual sub accounts.

With a link to accounting, the tax forecast and net income estimation give you a meaningful overview of your true bottom line.

Our partners

Together we are smarter: working with our partners, we are constantly inventing the future of accounting.