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The new Kontist Bookkeeping

Simply outsource your bookkeeping including advance VAT returns and keep full control: You check everything yourself and then send them to the tax office with just 2 clicks. Clear and transparent.


Easy, digital and smart

Supervised by experts from Kontist Steuerberatung

Kontist Tax Advisory's accounting professionals will take care of your day-to-day financial bookkeeping

Complete controll

Check your bookings before you send the VAT return itself to the tax office with one click

EÜR & BWA as exports available

Your income Profit-and-Loss calculation (EÜR) and business management analysis (BWA) are included

Only €39 per month plus VAT

Including a premium business account and Visa Business Debit Card, cancelable at any time.

Would you like to take a closer look at Kontist Bookkeeping and know how to send your advance VAT return to the tax office? Then take a look at our interactive prototype here.

Bookkeeping, Business Banking und Invoicing Tool – all in one App

The all-in-one solution for the self-employed

The new Kontist Bookkeeping allows you to focus on your business without distractions, while proven accounting experts from Kontist Steuerberatung take care of your financial bookkeeping. Including advance VAT returns, Profit-and-Loss calculation and business analysis. And all this without relinquishing control. For you, this means: more time for what's really important to you.


Only bookkeeping or full service for all tax issues?

Kontist Bookkeeping vs. Kontist Tax service

You are unsure which service is right for you, but definitely want help with your bookkeeping?

Kontist Tax service

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Full service for your tax issues, including financial bookkeeping

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The Kontist Tax Advisory takes care of your tax issuessss and does your bookkeeping

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Professional tax advisory including advance tax returns and all annual tax advisory services

Kontist Bookkeeping

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Send your advance VAT returns to the tax office yourself with 2 clicks

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Financial bookkeeping with advance sales tax returns (USt.-VA), P&L (EÜR) and BWA

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