The account switching service from Kontist and finleap connect | Kontist business banking

Switching made easy

Our account switching service is the simple, safe and fastest way to move your payments to us or make Kontist your main business account.

Why switch?

Free of charge

Switch for free – we make it simple and cover all the costs.


Fast as a breeze

Choose the payments you want to move – we can even close your old account for you.


Complete peace of mind

 Leave behind no customer or payment – we scan all your direct debits and incoming payments.


How it works

What our users are saying

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Du willst wegen Corona als Freelancer in Deutschland Steuererleichterung beantragen? Nutze @Kontist, damit geht's direkt und einfach. Genial!

Lars Makull, @LarsMarkull

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Kontist makes  life as a freelancer a bit  easier