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Gain more professional and creative independence, be your own boss and flexibly manage your time: Whether side hustle or full-time business, become a part of the freelancer journey.

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Be your own boss

A stitch in time saves nine. Here's everything important you need to know if you want to kick off your self-employment.

Checklist: Self-employment 101

Lay the foundation for lasting success. Tick off the steps you've already completed to get additional advice.

Start business banking without a tax number

You don't need a commercial tax number to open a Kontist business bank account – your personal tax ID is sufficient.

How do you acquire customers, which services do you offer and which billing model enables you to scale your business? Your business plan should address these questions.

When self-employed, health insurance is key. In many cases, you can opt for either public or private health insurance.

If you're freelancing or self-employed, you must have a tax number (easy to confuse with the personal tax ID). You can apply for your tax number either through your tax advisor or online via ELSTER.

Separating your business income and expenses from the private ones helps with bookkeeping and makes it easier for you to save money for tax payments.

Create your first invoice

Setup done, first customer acquired? Congratulations! Now it's time to create your first invoice. Your Kontist business bank account will automatically calculate your tax burden and set aside the corresponding amount in a virtual sub-account, so you never fall into the tax trap.

Read more about invoicing:

Invoice Basics for Freelancers

Kate Bailey

Freelance Editor

How much income tax do you have to pay?

As a self-employed person, you have to pay income tax in almost every case. Our income tax calculator shows you what tax rate you should expect. This way you can set aside enough money right from the start.


Income tax calculator for the self-employed

The taxator is an easy-to-use tax calculator for the self-employed, which allows you to calculate your estimated income tax rate within minutes.

Congratulations on your first freelancing income!

Banking and Bookkeeping

Kontist Premium digital business banking and lexoffice accounting software. Fully focus on your business, not on paperwork.

  • Physical and virtual Visa Business Debit Card
  • Unlimited SEPA transfers and direct debits
  • Account overdraft
  • lexoffice "lexoffice M" plan included
  • 100% tax-deductible


13 €
/ month plus VAT in the 1st year (19 € from the 2nd year)

Pay online and offline

Whether it's digital products, new hardware or a visit to a restaurant: Pay securely and conveniently, online and in stores.
  • checkmarkPhysical and virtual Visa Business Debit Card
  • checkmarkUnlimited SEPA transfers and direct debits
  • checkmarkGoogle Pay and Apple Pay

Open your Premium business bank account in only 9 minutes

Avoid the tax trap

Many freelancers stumble into not setting aside sufficient savings early enough for the income tax and VAT payments. Avoid rookie mistakes and know your real net anytime, all the time.

Automatic tax calculation

The automatic real-time tax calculation in your Kontist account spares you from nasty surprises. Income tax and VAT are calculated from each transaction and corresponding savings are deposited in virtual sub-accounts.

Bookkeeping integration

Connect lexoffice, debitoor or fastbill seamlessly with Kontist Premium. Or opt for the Duo Plan, which already includes lexoffice's "lexoffice M" plan.

Don't learn the hard way.


Feeling better with a tax advisor at your side?

Tax handling is the easiest when you hand it off to somebody else. Preferably to someone who is very familiar with the needs of the self-employed and works digitally. Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is your solution.

Keep your monthly bookkeeping under control

Missed your VAT advance payment? Filed your tax declaration "a little bit" too late? Had to correct your P&L statement for the third time? This has happened to all of us. To avoid this in the future, you can either use smart tools or hand over your financial bookkeeping and all tax-related questions completely.

Full Service
Worry-free tax-service
Smart self-service

Worry-free tax-service

Monthly bookkeeping, recurring tax questions, communication with the tax office and so many rules to consider... sounds like the need for a digitally supported, personal tax advisory.

Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH takes care of your financial bookkeeping, tax declarations, advance VAT payments and P&L.

The daunting feeling of receiving a letter from the German tax office...

... is something you'll soon forget about because Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH's tax advisor has already taken care of everything.

This is the Kontist Tax Service

Create your first P&L statement (EÜR)

Every item in the EÜR determines your tax burden. Read here what you have to consider when you create your EÜR yourself. Alternatively, you can book the Kontist Tax Service and hand over taxes completely.

Hand over your taxes and fully focus on what really matters.

Had a good year? If it wasn't for the tax declaration...

Mantelbogen, Anlage S, Anlage G, EÜR, Vorsorgeaufwände, ... Too many complicated German words.

Find help with your tax declaration here:

Too much?

No problem. Your experienced tax consultant at Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is at your side for all tax consulting services, handling your tax tasks and communicating with the tax office. Without paperwork.


Tax declaration: Outsourced to experts.

Leave your taxes to experienced professionals and focus completely on what you do best: Your job.

This is your tax service team

English-speaking help is always just a click away. Simply contact us via the Kontist app, by email, chat or phone - we are there for you.

Learn together, grow together

Exchange and networking is especially important to the self-employed. Not only professionally, not only for inspiration, but also for the social context and input.

Join hundreds of members


Join our community and get connected with other digital professionals.

  • Meet other freelancers
  • Connect, get input and tips
  • Ask us questions and get feedback

What's next?

We're constantly working on new features that will further simplify the lives of self-employed digital professionals. See here what's coming up next and let us know if there's anything you're missing from the app.

Now available: Invoicing Tool

Create invoices directly in your Kontist web app. Always keep your overview because incoming invoices are marked automatically, receipts assigned and overdue invoices shown at a glance.

Now available: Category for reverse charge

Create a separate category for reverse charge in intra-european exchange of goods and services.

Now available: Transactions with missing receipt

See at a glance which of your transactions are missing receipts and attach them easily. Only available to Tax Service customers.

Now available: Apple Pay

Pay conveniently, contactless and fast with your smartphone and Apple Pay.

Now available: Document upload

Scan documents and receipts with your smartphone and upload them directly in your Kontist web app. Only available to Tax Service customers.

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