All systems operational

What is this page?

This is a page where we report the status of Kontist services. Interruptions or outages will be reported here.

Recent incidents
Wire transfers and identifications are currently unavailable. 01.01.2018
Wire transfers are unavailable due to issues with sending SMS TANs. 16.11.2017
There may be occasional transfers which are displayed as "unknown" and "uncategorized". 09.10.2017
Scheduled Maintenance from 23:00 to 23:16 CEST. Complete. 30.08.2017
We are experiencing issues with duplicate transactions 10.05.2017
We are experiencing intermittent connection issues. If you encounter a problem with your account, please try your request again. 25.04.2017
Wire transfers are not available, sign up is degraded and the transaction list will be slow to update 21.04.2017
Minor delays for some bookings 01.03.2017
Duplicate transactions appear for some users 04.01.2017
Wire transfers are limited due to problems with TANs 01.12.2016
Correct wire transfers TANs are rejected 19.10.2016