Your first Business Bank Account that thinks ahead

✔️ 50 € Cashback until 30th September
✔️ Physical Visa card
✔️ Real-time tax calculation

  • The premium business account for solo self-employed

Marcel Krippendorf

"You almost can´t make it easier for self-employed to manage their finances."

Marcel Krippendorf, Shopware Freelancer and Kontist-Customer

Managing finances and taxes - easier than ever

As a self-employed person you want to be able to concentrate on your business instead of juggling finances. Kontist has developed an innovative banking app that allows you to manage your finances conveniently on your mobile phone and PC.

Physical Visa card

With the Kontist Banking App, our service is specialised in mobile banking. For your greatest possible flexibility in online and of course offline payments, a physical Business Visa card is included.

One step ahead of the Finanzamt

Income tax and VAT are automatically calculated, based on your income and expenses and put on virtual sub-accounts. This way you always know how much you really earned.

Accounting Connection

Easily connect your account to popular accounting tools like lexoffice and FastBill. This saves you time and you will never forget any receipts.


Let´s talk about tax, baby

Avoid unpleasant surprises with our automatic real-time tax calculation. You always have an eye on how much your actual net income is and what amount goes to the tax office.

Real-time tax calculation

For each transaction, Kontist calculates the due income tax and VAT in real time and automatically sets aside these reserves in virtual sub-accounts. This helps you to avoid financial bottlenecks.

Dynamic advance tax payments

Never pay too much tax to the Finanzamt again. Kontist does the calculation for you and sends the application via ELSTER. Just give us your Go for it in the app.

Automatic categorization

Your business account keeps learning, because any categorizations you change will be automatically applied to the type of transaction in the future.


Your Overdraft in just 15 minutes

Avoid the risk of financial bottlenecks

The flexible Overdraft is available now! You can now apply in the Kontist App and within 15 minutes you will be informed about the amount of your overdraft.

500 € - 5.000 € Overdraft facility

Only 11 % interest - no additional fees

Pay interest only on the used amount

Cancel at any time - you are in charge


Open you Premium Bank Account in just 9 minutes

Comfy off the couch. Paperless and immediately available.


Take off with Kontist Premium

Automatically create tax reserves, connect your accounting tool conveniently and prevent unpleasant financial bottlenecks early.

For 9 € only

Including physical Visa card and free account change service.

New functions - same price

We regularly develop new intelligent functions for you.

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Security at Kontist

We reliably protect your data and your money.

German IBAN

The basis for your finances is a regulated German bank account. Your access is guaranteed at all times.

BaFin fully licensed

Your account is managed by the fully BaFin-licensed solarisBank. Your credit balance is protected by the Deposit Protection Fund up to 100,000 € within the framework of the EU directives.

Authentication for transactions

In addition to your fingerprint, you will be asked to enter a temporary TAN when making a bank transfer. This will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS.

World class Support in DE und EN

Our friendly in-house support team consists of experts in self-employment and business account management. They are at your side via chat, mail and telephone whenever you have questions.


Enter a world of stress-free finances

As a freelancer from Uplink we offer you a 50 € cashback on your Premium Kontist Bank Account. Don´t miss out! Our offer expires on the 30th September.