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Fill the tax registration form with ease. Save time and reduce uncertainty. We guide you in plain language and skip irrelevant questions

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Your freelance journey

What's next?

1. Register your business

Fill and submit the online registration form

2. Get your tax number

Usually takes the Finanzamt 3-6 weeks

3. Start invoicing your customers

Get paid for your craft

4. Set money aside for taxes

Make sure to save VAT and income tax for every transaction

Separate business from private with Kontist

Open a business bank account

Automatic tax reserves

Kontist automatically calculates how much income tax and VAT you owe and saves money for it in virtual sub-accounts

Financial control

Separates business from personal finances to help qualify for financial relief

Easy accounting

The Finanzamt doesn't care about your private life. Link Kontist with multiple accounting tools.

Simple and practical

Manage your finances on your phone, wherever you are.

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"I can't believe how simple this was! Thanks guys, you've literally saved me hundreds of euros paying a tax advisor"

Dennis M.

Let us do it for you

Taxes, bookkeeping and banking under one roof

Kontist Tax Service organizes all your tax topics and your financial bookkeeping. Completely.

We take care of your advance VAT payments, P&L, adjustment of advance payments based on your current income, tax declarations and much more. Besides, our proficient and experienced tax advisors from Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH advise you in all tax-related questions. Finally focus on your business, not on your taxes.


Security at Kontist

Kontist is built on the safest foundations, so you don’t need to worry about your finances, ever.


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