Dynamic Advance Tax Payments

Escape the tax trap

Taxes can make life hell for freelancers. Avoid bankruptcy or overpaying the Finanzamt with the first bank account that dynamically adjusts your income tax payments.

Bankruptcy after tax declaration

If you don't save enough for your income tax reserve, the back payment will ruin you.

Overpaying the Finanzamt

Your advance payments are based on previous years – and turn your earlier success into a real burden.

Time-consuming paperwork

Staying on top of your taxes can eat up a lot of time – for you, or your tax consultant.

Kontist Tax Service – no more letters from the Finanzamt. More info

Income tax that fits

Always pay as much income tax as you really need to – not too much, not too little. Kontist does the calculation and sends the application to the tax office.

Automatic tax check

Kontist calculates your income tax in real time with every transaction.

Adjustments on demand

If your advance payments don't match your income, Kontist can request an adjustment via ELSTER.

Always enough money in the account

With Kontist's dynamic income tax payment you always have enough money for your expenses and taxes.

Why we've built it

When we came up with Dynamic Advance Tax Payments, we shared the idea with our customers. Here's why they are excited about it.

“Too high taxes can have fatal consequences.”

“I've been bothering my accountant for months to do it and he just doesn't.”

“Everybody knows overpayments and how super annoying they are.”

“It breaks the neck of many freelancers to have one good year and then automatically pay high advance taxes in the following one.”

Banking for Freelancers

Kontist is banking made for freelancers and solopreneurs. Never worry about taxes and accounting again.

Automatic Tax Reserves

Kontist shows you in real time how much income tax and VAT you owe and saves money for it in dedicated sub-accounts.

Connected Accounting

Link Kontist with Debitoor, Fastbill, lexoffice and many other tools through our API.

€100,000 Deposit Protection

Your funds are held by a fully licensed german bank and are completely safe.

Visa Business Debit Card

Pay conveniently anywhere in the world and receive push notifications for payments.

Do your thing, not your taxes