Refer a friend

You can’t buy friendship with money. But a good friendship can actually earn you some cash. Just tell a friend about the great experience you’re having with Kontist and invite them to open an account themselves using your personal referral link. Once there are 100 € worth of transactions on the new account, both of you receive 20 € from us. You can find your link in an email from us with the subject “Your Kontist account is open!”. Our customer support will also gladly retrieve it for you.


How many times can I use my link?
The more the better. There really is no limit.

How do I invite friends to Kontist?
Just give them your personal link, which you can find in our email with the subject “Your Kontist account is open!” You can also ask our customer support for it at support@kontist.com. And soon you’ll find it right in the Kontist app too!

Why haven’t I received my reward yet?
Your friend probably hasn’t had 100 € worth of transactions on their Kontist account yet. If they did, please be patient - reward payouts are processed once every month.

How exactly does this work?
You can find detailed terms here.