Offered by Kontist Steuerberatung

Tax Advisory for the Self-Employed

  • Professional tax service

  • For new and existing Kontist customers

  • Limited-time exclusive price


Tax service for the 21st century

We organise your books and taxes 

Financial bookkeeping

Hand your bookkeeping over to us. We’re not only experts in this field, we also enjoy doing it!

Advance VAT payments 

Never deal with the paperwork for your monthly, quarterly or annual Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldungen again: We handle it for you. 

Up-to-date advance tax payments 

Whenever your earnings fluctuate, your tax load does, too. We make sure that your advance tax payments always match your current income. This prevents you from unpleasant surprises and unexpected costs. 

Commercial and private tax declaration 

Is the annual deadline to submit your tax declaration approaching faster than expected? Avoid those long stressful nights trying to find this one missing paper receipt. We handle your tax declaration completely. 

Profit-and-Loss calculation 

Creating your P&L (so-called EÜR) can easily take a few hours – time which would be well spent earning money. We take care of it, enabling you to fully focus on your business. 

Tax hotline

Your tax-related questions usually come up in the evening, when you finally have time to take care of it after a long day? Our tax experts are there for you – everyday from 9 am to 9 pm. 

Limited-time offer – only 99 € instead of 149 € per month! 

Full-service for your business  

Let us take care of your taxes 

Care-free self-employment 

Kontist offers you bookkeeping, taxes and business banking under one roof. The tax service organises your books. The tax advisory, Kontist Steuerberatung, submits everything to the Finanzamt – paper-free and stress-free. The banking app by Kontist GmbH collects all your transactions and calculates your real net income. 

Focus on your business

Kontist Steuerberatung organises your taxes and bookkeeping so that you can fully focus on starting, and growing, your own business. Including VAT payments, P&L, tax declarations and experienced tax advisory

Hotline and consulting for business starters 

Kontist has been built by experts for self-employment. That’s why we know what’s on your mind. Our expert hotline and consultants are there for you – even on a Friday evening. 


"The thought of never having to deal with the Finanzamt and knowing that someone is taking good care of my taxes - amazing!"

Marie S.

Digital, fast and easy

That’s how it works 

1. Are we a match? 

Simply click on “Register now”, answer a few quick questions and find out if you qualify for the Kontist tax service. 

2. Welcome! 

During our first call, please tell us about your business and what’s important for you so that we can support you individually. Of course, feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind! 

3. We’re taking over.

Financial bookkeeping, communication with the Finanzamt, VAT advance payments – we take care of it. The Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft also creates your P&L and tax declarations and submits them. Naturally, we always check back with you! 

4. More time to grow your business. 

As all those time-consuming bureaucratic topics are off your shoulders now, you can focus on what’s really important to you. By the way, in our blog you’ll find a lot of interesting insights and tips! 

A solution dedicated to the self-employed

Banking, taxes, bookkeeping? Kontist’s job. 

Innovative business banking

A digital premium business bank account provided by Kontist GmbH with physical Visa card, automated tax calculation, bookkeeping tool integrations and overdraft. As a mobile app and in your browser. With excellent customer support! 

Personal tax service

Your experienced professional tax advisor from the Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is right at your side. Our proficient consultation is tailored to the needs of the self-employed and proactively reminds you of any important deadline to make sure everything is alright. 

Transparent pricing 

A transparent pricing structure eases your budget planning. The Kontist tax service is available for only 149 € per month plus VAT – as a limited-time offer, only 99 € per month. Find all details here.


Questions & Answers 

For whom is the service suitable? 

Currently, we can only offer you our tax service if you’re solo self-employed (no UG, GmbH, AG, GbR, OHG, KG). Additionally, the following guidelines apply: no or very few cash transactions, no obligation to keep accounts (Bilanzierungspflicht), no activity in ecommerce and with usage of payment providers such as Stripe or Paypal, no multiple self-employment (multiple tax numbers). If you belong to one of these groups and are still interested in our service, please contact our support.

Are there any additional costs? 

The Kontist tax service is available for 149 € per month plus VAT, currently for 99 € per month plus VAT. All pricing details here. If you do not have a Kontist Premium banking account yet, the upgrade to Premium is included in this price. You can cancel our service on a monthly basis, however services which are due annually will only be completed if all monthly rates for the respective year have been paid. For additional services outside of this offering, extra cost may be incurred by prior agreement. 

What can I expect? 

Kontist organises your tax topics and is reachable for any tax-related questions. Your tax advisory* is being conducted by qualified tax advisors of the Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. The Kontist tax service is only available to self-employed Kontist Premium banking customers who use Kontist as their primary business bank account. 

Any other questions? 

*We indicate that the services of Kontist Steuerberatung are conducted by Kontist Steuerbeartungsgesellschaft mbH. Support in tax-related topics such as machine-aided bookkeeping is provided by Kontist Service GmbH. Kontist does not offer support in tax-related topics nor tax advisory services, but conveys these services between you and our partners Kontist Steuerberatungsgellschaft mbH and Kontist Service GmbH.