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With our tax app at your fingertips, business banking and bookkeeping in one solution you’re off to worry-free freelancing in Germany.

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Switch Paperwork for Mindspace. Be in Control.

One app is all it takes to have your finances sorted out. Rely on your personal consultant for any questions. Gain time for what really matters to you.

Start with banking
and automated income tax and VAT calculation so you never lose track.
Bookkeeping as you go
and as simple as it gets, just through using your business bank account.
Taxes as a service
is the modern way of tax advisory: experienced, digital, and proactive.

10,000s of Freelancers build on Kontist.

Chiara Bachmann

Chiara Bachmann

Fräulein Finance

"I feel very well taken care of and can wholeheartedly recommend Kontist."

Deva Noori Lehmann

Deva Noori Lehmann

Virtual Assistant

"The best thing about Kontist is that every transaction I can see immediately how much is left for me and how much goes to the tax office. This saves me from nasty surprises when I file my tax declaration."

Marvin Schwarz
Marvin Schwarz
Audio Producer

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