Financial solutions with Kontist

Your business loan with Kontist - simple & effortless

Get your loan of up to €50,000 quickly and easily.*

    * Loans are available only to customers who have a business bank account for at least six months.
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    Cash in your account in up to 24 hours

    You can borrow between €500 and €50,000

    Repayment period 4 - 18 months

    Weekly repayment

    Interest rate between 9% and 35% p.a.

    You want to repay your loan earlier? No problem!


    FAQ's? Gladly answered!

    What is a business loan with Kontist?
    How do I get a business loan?

    Get your business loan in four simple steps only

    1. Get Kontist

    Download the Kontist app from Apple or Google Play Store.

    2. Apply for a loan

    Open your Kontist account and apply for your loan after 6 months.

    3. Get an offer

    You can expect an offer within a few seconds. It could hardly be faster!

    4. Confirm the offer & get it paid out

    As soon as you and Froda confirm the offer, the money will be paid out to you the next day. That's it!

    Kontist simplifies banking, bookkeeping & taxes for the self-employed

    Which plan suits you best?

    Kontist Free

    / month plus VAT
    Business account with virtual Visa card. *For monthly transaction over €300. If you have less than €300 transaction volume (total incoming and outgoing transactions) you pay €2 / month.
    • Apple Pay & Google Pay
    • Overdraft

    Kontist Premium

    / month plus VAT

    Kontist Bookkeeping

    / month plus VAT

    Kontist Complete

    / month plus VAT