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Sounds good? Thanks to Kontist, your bookkeeping almost succeeds by itself. Benefit from intelligent posting proposals, matching receipts & more.

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Trustpilot rating
Trustpilot rating

Bookkeeping for the self-employed

29 €

/ month plus VAT

  • Hello time saver: Check and send advance VAT returns with just a few clicks.

  • Financial clarity: Keep track of your tax burden at all times.

  • The support you deserve: Simplify your bookkeeping with smart posting proposals.

  • Less effort: Take photos of your receipts directly with the Kontist app after each payment.

  • Serenity at the end of the year: Share your data with your tax office thanks to DATEV export.

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Digital assistance - your bookkeeping learns with you

  • The Kontist app makes intelligent posting proposals for every transaction.

  • With just a few clicks, your advance VAT return is done.

  • You can see the deadlines for advance VAT returns in the Kontist app.

  • You are well prepared for the profit and loss statement with the digital asset file

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Effortless financial planning - decision-making made easy

  • Financially worry-free: Your estimated tax burden is always displayed.

  • Benefit from automatically generated tax reserves.

  • For financial clarity, you can download a business evaluation in your Kontist app.

  • You will always know which business decisions are right.

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Document management of tomorrow - digital and presorted

  • Find all your receipts in one place.

  • Get push notifications to remind you to upload receipts.

  • Payments and receipts are automatically matched.

  • You can add notes to each receipt.

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The Kontist invocing tool - get paid stress-free

  • Save time with invoice templates.

  • Benefit from the automated posting of settled invoices.

  • Overview overdue invoices in your dashboard.

Business bank account for free - Premium Banking included

  • Always with you: Intuitive Kontist app (mobile & web) with all Premium features.

  • Enjoy free transactions.*

  • Benefit from automated tax reserves.

  • Convenient payment options thanks to VISA debit card, Apple & Google Pay.

No account yet? Get your bookkeeping boost in just 4 easy steps:

1. Open smart business account

Open your smart business account via the mobile app.

2. Set up Kontist App

Enter your data in the Kontist app.

3. Identification with IDnow

After successful identification with our partner IDnow, you will receive your German IBAN shortly.

4. Activate Bookkeeping

You can find the upgrade option in your Kontist web app on the left side menu once you click on Taxes.

Already have a bank account? You will only need to follow 2 steps for your bookkeeping boost:

1. Log in to your Kontist app

Please note: You can currently upgrade to Bookkeeping only via the web app.

2. Activate Bookkeeping

You will find the upgrade option on the left side of the menu once you click on Taxes.

Simplify your bookkeeping and tax planning.

With Kontist Bookkeeping, you will get a lot of benefits, but most of all one thing: More time for you and your business, without losing control! 🙂

FAQ's? Gladly answered!

Why Kontist Bookkeeping?

Our bookkeeping is the ideal solution for small self-employed and freelancers! With this package, you not only get access to a digital bookkeeping tool, but also enjoy the exclusive benefits of our Premium Banking product (all transactions included and no fees for inactivity).

Enjoy a clean and user-friendly web interface that gives you effortless access to all important features at any time.

Plus, thanks to the direct integration with your Kontist account, you can record and categorize your business income and expenses instantly and effortlessly. Tiresome manual postings are a thing of the past!

Your time is precious - that's why our AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps you do your bookkeeping efficiently. It minimizes the time you spend on bookkeeping tasks, so you can focus on what's important: Driving your business forward.

Who can use Kontist Bookkeeping?

Currently, we can only offer you Kontist Bookkeeping if you are a solo-self-employed freelancer, sole proprietor or trader (no legal forms, such as AG, GbR, GmbH, KG, Ltd., OHG, or UG).

The following features are also not currently supported by Kontist Bookkeeping:

  • Multi-self-employment
  • Tax avoidance models
  • Sale of goods outside Germany
  • Double-entry bookkeeping / preparation of a balance sheet
  • Taxation with VAT based on agreed remuneration
  • Investment deduction and special depreciation
  • VAT summary report
  • Cash book for cash income*

* You can add cash income to your Kontist account for VAT purposes, but a cash book must be kept externally.

How does Kontist Bookkeeping work?

Kontist Bookkeeping supports you with your bookkeeping and relieves you of annoying tasks or enables you to complete them faster.

To ensure that your digital assistance works optimally, you simply use your Kontist account actively as a business account. Also helpful: You upload correct receipts for every entry. You have several options to upload your receipts.

Just remember: The more you feed your Kontist Bookkeeping with information (run transactions through your Kontist account, upload receipts), the more value you will gain from it.

Is the Kontist business bank account obligatory?

If you don't have a Kontist Premium bank account yet, the upgrade to Premium is included.

What does free transactions* mean?

With Kontist Bookkeeping, you only pay fees on cash withdrawals and third-party fees at our partner bank Solaris.

Does Kontist Bookkeeping include a profit and loss statement?

No, a profit and loss statement is not included. But a business evaluation is included.

We are already working on expanding the product so that business tax returns and a profit and loss statement can also be created with our bookkeeping tool.

If necessary, is there technical assistance or a contact person / support to assist with the app?

For technical questions you can always contact our support.

Can you give me tax advice?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with tax advice as part of Kontist Bookkeeping.

What is the notice period?

The notice period is one month. The termination must be made in written form.

Kontist Bookkeeping in comparison

Get your digital assistance.

Kontist Free
Kontist Premium
Kontist Bookkeeping
Mobile & web app
Apple & Google Pay
Overdraft facility
CSV bank export
MT940 export for DATEV
Visa Business Debit Card


virtual & physical

virtual & physical

Free SEPA Credit Transfers and Direct Debit Collections



Automatic calculation of VAT tax
Automatic calculation of income tax
Current accounting
Intelligent posting proposals
Business evaluation
Manually add external transactions
Advance VAT return
Receipt scanning tool
Business assets handling
Issue invoices with integrated tool




0 €** / month
9 € / month
29 € / month

* Each customer has 10 free transactions every month. After that 0,15 € per transaction will be charged.

** For monthly transaction over 300 €. If you have less than 300 € transaction volume (total incoming and outgoing transactions) you pay 2 € / month.