Easily change your bank

Account switch service in just 10 minutes

Would you like to switch your business account to Kontist? No problem! Our account switch service saves you the time-consuming task of communicating your new account details to each contract and payment partner individually.

  • fast

  • uncomplicated

  • free of charge

  • no paper work

How does the account switch service work?

We teamed up with Qwist GmbH to provide you with this service. All you have to do to get started is the following:

1. Get Kontist now

Open you business bank account here or via the mobile app

2. Log in to the account switching service

Log in with your old bank details via the Kontist account switch service.

3. Select transactions

Qwist automatically recognizes standing orders, receipts and direct debits. Select which ones you want us to transfer to your account.

4. Confirm the account change - that's it!


Why is it worth switching to Kontist?

Kontist's smart and innovative business account is tailor-made for self-employed people who no longer want to lose track of their finances

Real-time tax estimation

For each transaction, Kontist calculates the income and sales tax due and automatically sets aside these reserves in virtual sub-accounts.

Notes and Receipt Scanning

For each transaction you can upload the appropriate receipt and add your own notes, which will be displayed during export.

Invoicing Tool

Finally get rid of your old Word invoice template: Your new basic invoice tool is directly integrated with Kontist Banking.


No account yet? You can choose:

Kontist Free

/ month plus VAT
Business account with virtual Visa card. *For monthly transaction over €300. If you have less than €300 transaction volume (total incoming and outgoing transactions) you pay €2 / month.
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Overdraft

Kontist Premium

/ month plus VAT

Kontist Bookkeeping

/ month plus VAT

Kontist Complete

/ month plus VAT

FAQ's? Gladly answered!

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