Kontist Complete

Enjoy the benefits of banking, bookkeeping and business tax returns - all in one product!

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  • Premium banking included

  • Bookkeeping supported by AI

  • Easy business tax returns*

  • Digital business asset handling

  • Real-time business evaluation

* Kontist Complete only enables the preparation of tax returns and does not offer individual tax advice. Kontist GmbH is not a tax consultancy firm.
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Complete your tax returns in no time with questionnaires

  • No forms - you save a lot of time.

  • Step-by-step instructions help you.

  • Enter your data in predefined fields.

  • Never miss any deadline.

  • Upload documents directly.

  • One click - everything is filed to the tax office.

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Preparing business tax returns without prior knowledge

  • Profit and loss statement (EÜR): Your annual financial statement with little effort.

  • VAT: The VAT return is based on your completed bookkeeping.

  • Trade tax return: Apart from entering a few data, you don't have to do anything else.

Do you use a car or do you have a home office? Spare yourself all the annoying calculations - Kontist Complete will do it for you automatically!

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Bookkeeping supported by AI

  • Posting suggestions for every transaction.

  • Upload invoices to each transaction.

  • Your advance VAT return (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung) is completed in just a few clicks.

  • You will see submission deadlines in the Kontist app.

  • Add transactions from other bank accounts.

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Digital business asset handling for your purchases

  • Overview of your business assets.

  • Documentation of devices, machines, etc.

  • Automatic calculation of depreciation of your purchases.

  • Reflected in your bookkeeping & tax returns.

  • Better planning security for new purchases.

No account yet? Get Kontist Complete in just 4 simple steps:

1. Get Kontist

Download the Kontist app from Apple or Google Play Store or start here.

2. Set up bank account

Enter your details in the Kontist app.

3. Identification with IDnow

After successful identification with our partner IDnow, you will shortly receive your German IBAN.

4. Get Kontist Complete

Select Kontist Complete and finalize the sign-up. Done!

Kontist Complete in comparison

Get the 3-in-1 solution for your business!

Mobile & web app
Apple & Google Pay
Overdraft facility*
CSV bank export
MT940 export for DATEV
Visa Business Debit Card

virtual included, physical €29 / year plus VAT

virtual & physical included

virtual & physical included

virtual & physical included

Free SEPA Credit Transfers and Direct Debit Collections



Automatic calculation of VAT tax
Automatic calculation of income tax
Current accounting
Intelligent posting proposals
Business evaluation (Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung)
Manually add external transactions
Advance VAT return
Receipt scanning tool
Business assets handling
Profit & loss statement (Einnahmen-Überschuss-Rechnung)
VAT return
Trade tax return
Issue invoices with integrated tool





€0*** / month
€9 / month

plus VAT

€29 / month

plus VAT

€79 / month

plus VAT

* Between €500 and €3,000.

** Each customer has 10 free transactions every month. After that, €0.15 plus VAT per transaction will be charged.

*** For monthly transactions of over €300. If you have less than €300 of transaction volume (total incoming and outgoing transactions), you pay €2 plus VAT per month.

FAQ's? Gladly answered!

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