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Invoicing Tool

Create individualized invoices and export them as PDF. Easily keep track of your invoices as they are automatically marked for payment, receipts are automatically assigned and overdue invoices are shown at a glance.


Invoicing, integrated with Kontist business banking

The all-in-one solution for the self-employed

Finally get rid of your old invoice template in Word: Your new basic invoicing tool is directly integrated into the Kontist business bank account. Customize your invoice template once and only adjust the customer details next time. Your Kontist account automatically labels and categorizes the payments you receive and shows you if someone is in arrears.

Easy, digital and smart

The seamlessly integrated invoicing tool

Unlimited invoices

for Kontist Premium, Duo and Kontist Tax Service. 2 invoices per month in the Kontist Free plan.

Customizable invoice template

with your logo, tax number, personal details and reference to the "Kleinunternehmerregelung"

Export with 1 click

as a PDF to easily save and forward your invoice

Automatic categorization and receipt management

of incoming payments, so that your receipts are always assigned to the right transactions

Advantage for tax service customers

by automatically forwarding your receipts to the Kontist Steuerberatung