Your business account is just a stone's throw away

It's one small step for you... giant leap for your self-employment. Kontist solves the problem that hurts the self-employed most: taxes. Make your finances easy and complete your account opening now.


Identification with IDnow. A piece of cake.

Identification with IDnow is a simple, quick and secure process. All you need is a smartphone or computer, internet and your ID. Here are some handy tips for you.

Morning or evening

Avoid peak hours: use IDnow from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or from 7:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.. These are usually quiet times and your verification should start straight away without any waiting time. Before and after that, even IDnow deserves a pause.

IDnow via smartphone

Start the sign-up on desktop and switch to your smartphone for verification with a better camera. Simply load the Kontist app and log in. The verification will start automatically.

Have everything in place

A little preparation doesn't hurt. Have your ID or passport ready before verification begins. And of course it helps if you have your date of birth in mind.

Alone in a quiet room

A quiet room helps to get the verification done in no time as background noise can be a killer. Of course you can also do it in a cafe as long as it is not noisy as hell.

Free and even surface

IDnow needs an image of the front and back of your ID. Therefore, an even surface like a table is perfect. Hover your smartphone over your ID for IDnow to take pictures.

Good internet connection

Make sure you are well connected. It doesn't always have to be WiFi, sometimes LTE is even faster. IDnow checks your bandwidth first and will tell you, if you're good to go.

Got questions?

We have an awesome customer support which is happy to help you. Contact us via chat, email to or call +49 30 311 986 00.

Kontist makes your business easier

With Free, Premium and Duo we have a Kontist plan for everyone. Select your plan in the sign-up process without any obligation – you can cancel and change plan monthly. Here are some of Kontist's benefits waiting for you.

Unique tax reserves

Kontist calculates your VAT and income tax and automatically saves them in sub-accounts. With this, you always know what's truly yours. And that's just one of our great tax features that makes your finances easy.

Virtual Mastercard

The virtual Mastercard is pretty cool because you can start using it right after account opening. Pay all your online purchases safe and fast. With Premium and Duo your physical card will be sent to you by post.

Web App with bulk transfer

A really useful web app: With the Kontist web app you save a lot of time because it allows you to make bulk transfers quick and easy. With this, you can make multiple transfers in one go.

Seamlessly integrated accounting

You can easily integrate your Kontist account with an accounting software like lexoffice. Whenever you pay with Kontist, the lexoffice app will send you a push notification as a reminder to scan your receipt.

Just a few minutes from now

It only takes a few clicks to finalize the sign-up and make your Kontist account a reality. Make your self-employment easy and join tens of thousands freelancers who already benefit from Kontist.