Kontist Mastercard Business Debit

Your freelance business - your card

Separating your private from your business finances benefits both the efficiency and the economic success of your business model. Standing for a simple yet stable architecture of your finances, Kontist has integrated a Mastercard Business Debit into your business bank account, which you can order directly in the banking app.

Paying with Kontist Card vis NFC

Paying in new ways

Freelancers must be able to work in any location, which should not cause any problems in accounting. The Kontist Mastercard Business Debit allows you to easily make business purchases worldwide and on the Internet, without having to go through a tedious application process. In addition, our Mastercard is equipped with the most modern features, like NFC, which works up to 25 € completely contactless and without PIN and signature.

Intuitive self control

Your Mastercard is a tool in the financial transparency of your business.

  • Card payments are immediately deducted from your account and confirmed in real-time with a push message to your smartphone.
  • Limits on your card spending and managing your Mastercard on credit basis safeguard your finances.
  • Your business Mastercard gives no credit and thus categorically excludes the incurring of interests.
  • Your business is not mixed with your private budget on the issue of spending.
Paying with Kontist Card vis NFC

Open a Kontist account now to get access to our Mastercard and to re-experience banking.

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The unit of Kontist, card, accounting tool

The Mastercard and your Kontist app form a unit. Deeply integrated with the accounting tool of your choice, this unit becomes your smart financial management system that intuitively enters card payments in the books and helps you manage your receipts fuss-free.

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Security through transparency and quick intervention

You control your card directly in the banking app: freeze and reactivate your card, change its PIN or report it as stolen - with just one tap.

After a card transaction you will immediately receive a push message.

Learn about any movements on your card in an instant on your phone.