Build your career as an online Freelancer.


In these unfortunate times making money online, without depending on an offline office or to a company or even a country is becoming more and more relevant.

On this page, we put up some content together for you, and willing to support your freelancing career and financial freedom.

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Which Freelance Job Platform is the Best?


  • Fiver: It’s a gig marketplace to sell your services. No hourly projects and a flat 20% commission.
    *Good for clear service packages and products.
  • Upwork: Very big and active freelance job platform. There are hourly and fixed projects and differentiating commissions 20%-10%. It works like a job market, you have to actively search and apply to jobs.
    *It is hard in the beginning without reviews but we will show you how to efficiently build your reputation as soon as possible.
  • Similar style to Upwork. After 1 free month, you have to pay to stay as a freelancer there. They take 10% commissions.
  • BEST place to start. One of the fastest growing freelance platforms. Clients offer jobs to freelancers. (In other platforms you have to search for jobs. They provide extra benefits to Ukrainian freelancers.


Start with MALT to get extra benefits as a Ukrainian.

In this platform clients find you and offer you the work. If you are Ukrainian, to support you in these difficult times:

Your profile will be highlighted and you pay no commissions.

It works like a search engine for potential clients to find best fitting freelancers to the projects. You need to work your way up in the search to be more visible. So there is no effort to find jobs. Just build your profile properly and wait projects coming to you.
Try to do a few searches yourself to understand how your profile should look like.
To decrease the problem as a beginner, they put extra effort to match new freelancers with projects.

Extra tips & benefits to the Ukrainian freelancers.

In these hard times, we are constantly looking around to catch some freelance work and extra benefits for Ukrainians. These benefits target to support your online freelancing career. Plus, we will be creating more and more content to support your online freelancing career.

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