The Kontist Bank Account

The smart account for entrepreneurs

Let your business account think along with you! The Kontist account enables the self-employed to neatly split business from private and saves you time and energy while doing so.

Your mobile business account

All the features of a traditional bank account

Optimized for your smartphone

Your own German IBAN

Fund protection included

Lots of smart add-ons

Easy to use and 100% paperless

Forms, lost receipts, stacks of account statements; Kontist ends all of that and saves you valuable time for your productivity.

Instant access to your IBAN and your Kontist account within 15 minutes.

24/7 secure access to your account via the Kontist app.

Paperless account opening and card order through the app.

Competent and kind support via live chat in the app.

The bank account that thinks ahead

Kontist Premium’s unique add-ons are integrated directly with the traditional banking features.

Kontist calculates your taxes in real time after every transaction and saves the proper amounts in dedicated sub-accounts, so you’ll avoid surprises from the tax office.

Additionally, your account can be linked seamlessly to popular accounting softwares so you’ll save lots of time and never forget a receipt again.

Fair and transparent

Kontist is easy to use, packed with add-ons and significantly more affordable than traditional banks. Most of all, we’re transparent. We offer our basic account for free and Kontist Premium for a fair and clear monthly fee.

Provider Account maintenance Paperless transaction Debit card
Account maintenance Free Paperless transaction Free Debit card 29€ / year
Account maintenance 9 € / month Paperless transaction Free Debit card Free
Account maintenance 8,90 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 24 € / year
Account maintenance 6,90 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 5,90 € / month
Account maintenance 10 € / month Paperless transaction 0,40 € / transaction Debit card 12,50 € / year
Account maintenance 8,50 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 10 € / year

Source: Kontist research, February 2019

As safe as a bank should be

Your money is always safe with Kontist. All accounts are managed by our partner solarisBank, a German bank licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the European Central Bank.

Your money is kept in a regulated German bank account.

Your balance is protected by the German deposit insurance.

Your funds will not be invested, transfered or lent.

You can access your funds at any time.

Do your thing, not your taxes