Mastercard Business Debit

Your enterprise – your card

Success as an entrepreneur starts with splitting your business and private finances, as any tax consultant will tell you. For your business spending, there’s the Kontist Mastercard.

Pay worldwide

As an independent entrepreneur you’re probably not a fan of limitations. So we offer you a card that’s happily accepted all over the world. With the Kontist Mastercard Business Debit you can pay almost anywhere in Germany and beyond. Of course also contactless and online.

Intuitive budget control

Keep your business expenses in check with ease with the Kontist Mastercard Business Debit.

Card payments are deducted directly from your Kontist account and confirmed via real time push notifications.

You’ll only spend as much as you have in your account - and avoid painful interest payments and unplanned loans.

Daily, weekly and monthly payment limits help you to control your spending.

The business card helps you to keep private and business expenses separate.

Open your Kontist Business Bank Account for your own Mastercard Business Debit.

Our own scifi

Bank Account, Card and Accounting in Harmony

The powerful union of the Kontist card and app does even more for you when connected to selected accounting tools. Expenses are tracked automatically and can be matched intuitively with the right receipts. That’s finance management made easy.


You have a new transaction


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Keep things safely in hand

With the Kontist app you have full control over your card.

Lock and unlock your card any moment or report it as stolen with a few taps.

Change your card’s PIN and check your spending limits as needed.

Receive push notifications about every payment.