Banking for Freelancers & Self-Employed

Kontist saves you taxes, time, and money. The only bank account that calculates and reserves your taxes in real-time. Open your account for free in under 10 minutes.

World Premiere: Dynamic Advance Tax Payments

Always pay as much income tax as you really need to – not too much, not too little. Kontist does the calculation and sends the application to the Finanzamt via ELSTER.

Real-Time Tax Forecasting

Keep track of what you owe, always know your true disposable income – and never worry about tax traps again. Kontist automatically calculates income tax and VAT on your transactions and sets aside reserves into virtual sub-accounts.

Accounting Synchronisation

Connect Kontist and your accounting tool to automatically synchronize incomes and expenses. Scan receipts right after a card purchase to ease your bookkeeping. You will save time and energy every month.

Accounting and Banking with Duo for just 12€/month

Kontist Premium bank account

Unlimited invoices and offers with lexoffice

Digital expense management

Real-time sync of banking and accounting

DATEV export and tax advisor access

Track expenses with your Mastercard

Control your expenses with your Mastercard Business Debit. Every transaction is confirmed via push notification and can be categorized immediately. The system is constantly learning, opening the door for automatic categorization.

A German bank account & IBAN with no paperwork

No paperwork, no self-disclosure, no hassle. Kontist offers completely paperless account opening in less than 10 minutes. Your business bank account comes with a German IBAN and the 100.000 € deposit protection fund that goes with it. Your money is in good hands.

Your finances at a glance

Kontist provides real-time updates on your balance and transactions. Kontist also calculates your taxes and saves money for them on virtual sub-accounts. 100% digital and 24/7 accessible on Android & Apple iOS & online in your web browser.

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Your true net income

Kontist shows you clearly how much disposable funds you really have.

Incoming and outgoing payments

You get an overview of all transactions and can categorize them with just a couple of taps.

Your tax reserves

Kontist calculates your income tax and VAT and saves up for them automatically.

A word from the Twitterverse

Don't just take it from us! Here's some feedback on Kontist from Twitter. Join the conversation and tweet @kontist.

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I know we live in the darkest timeline. But I've just opened a bank account. Via app. In my pajamas. @Kontist

Christian Steiner, Twitter

DigiKeno avatar

Hey @Kontist and @lexoffice ! Since I decided to work with your apps & tools bookkeeping became much easier and even fun! Thanks!!

Keno, Twitter

Security at Kontist

It's never been easier to manage your own banking as a freelancer or self-employed. That doesn't mean it's become less secure. We employ a carefully selected range of security measures to keep your money, your account, and your business information safe and secure. And when you have questions, you can always talk to us.