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Tax service instead of tax pain.

Organize your taxes and bookkeeping in the Kontist app while our tax experts take care of your bookkeeping and tax declarations – business banking included. Exclusively tailored to the self-employed in Germany.

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Tax Service

Tax service at a fixed price.

Peace of mind at a monthly fixed fee: Organize your digital and personal tax advisory service through the Kontist App. Your bookkeeping and tax declarations will be taken care of by our experienced tax experts.

Business banking
(offered by Kontist GmbH)

(offered by Kontist GmbH)

(offered by Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH)

Only for the self-employed: The future is freelance.

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More time for what really matters.

Focus on your business and your life. The Kontist App and experienced tax experts handle your financial management:

Commercial and 
private tax declaration

Yearly tax declaration including profit-and-loss statement (EÜR), always on schedule so you never miss a deadline.

Financial bookkeeping

Monthly preparatory financial bookkeeping with digital receipt upload directly in your Kontist App.

VAT pre-payments

Ongoing monthly or quarterly VAT pre-payments including the required business assessment (BWA).

Consulting and adaptions

Communication with your local tax authority, consultation regarding home office, travel costs, and more by tax experts.

Excellent customer 

Any questions? Reach our hotline on 5 days a week, from 9am to 6pm.

Your tax team is at your side.

Juri Preis

Certified Tax Advisor
Managing Director & tax advisor at Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH and partner at Preis & Partner PartG mbB Steuerberater. Formerly tax advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Customer Service: +49 30 311 986 00

Email Address:

Availability: Mo – Fr, 9am – 6pm

Chief Tax Officer
Melchior Neumann
Lead Tax Operations
Anne-Marie Salwasser
Lead Financial Bookkeeping
Alexander Daugs
Tax Advisor & Syndicus Lawyer
Steffi Balzerkiewicz
Senior Tax Expert
Patricia Corzilius
and many more
at your side
Tax advisory services are provided by
Kontist Steuerberatungsesellschaft mbH.

179 to 249 euros

/ month plus VAT
Top service at a fixed fee:
Transparent fixed fee
Tax declarations (commercial & private) & financial bookkeeping
Digital Premium business banking included
Excellent customer service

A world where self-employment is easy.

Chiara Bachmann

Chiara Bachmann

Fräulein Finance

Thanks to the quick uncomplicated consultation, I can now seek advice from a tax advisor on any complex transaction.

Tim Senger
Tim Senger
Media Group

The best thing about Kontist is that every transaction I can see immediately how much is left for me and how much goes to the tax office. This saves me from nasty surprises when I file my tax declaration.

Marvin Schwarz
Marvin Schwarz
Audio Producer

I feel very well taken care of and can wholeheartedly recommend Kontist.

Deva Noori Lehmann
Deva Noori Lehmann
Virtual Assistant

I want to spend as little time as possible with things that aren’t part of the work I actually get paid for. In that respect, Kontist had a great offer at the time.

Sascha Carlin
Sascha Carlin
Agile Coach

More than typical tax advice.

Our mission: Improving the lives of solopreneurs by simplifying financial admin tasks and giving them peace of mind.

Kontist Tax Service

Monthly fixed fee

Professional tax service, bookkeeping included

Simply use your Kontist business bank account, our tax experts do the rest

Classical Tax Advisory

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Subsequent invoicing partly based on effort/time or value

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In-person meetings and lots of physical paperwork

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Digital and paper receipts need to be collected and sorted

Offered by Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH.

Easy, personal & fast.

Free product consultation

Nice to meet you!

In a quick call, we are getting to know you and your business.

Binding initial consultation

We check your documents in advance and go into detail about your business model and all the associated tax peculiarities. This is a paid call.

Business banking

Visa Card included.

Open your new Kontist business bank account (or simply continue using your existing one).

That’s all!

Save time & money.

Simply use your account, remember your duty to cooperate and everything else is taken care of by experts.

Questions & Answers.

For whom can we offer the Tax Service?

Currently, we can only offer you the Kontist Tax Service if you are a “Freelancer” (German Freiberufler), Sole proprietor (Einzelunternehmen) or Trade business (Gewerbetreibend) and registered in Germany. We do not support the following German business types: AG, GbR, GmbH, KG, Ltd., OHG, or UG.

Additionally, the following guidelines apply cumulatively:

  • You do not have cash income.
  • You do not sell and ship physical goods.

For internal administrative reasons, we reserve the right to exclude certain professions or industries from the Kontist Tax Service, including craftspeople, cleaners, artists and restaurant proprietors.

The Kontist Tax Service is only available for solo self-employed individuals who use the Kontist Premium business bank account as their primary business account.

If you are not a Kontist Premium banking customer yet, the upgrade to Premium is already included in the fee.

Which services are included?

You can find a detailed list of services here.

Which services does the Tax Service not offer?

Kontist Steuerberatung is not yet able to offer the following matters:

  • Form FW (funding of home ownership) and Form L (agriculture and forestry)

Kontist Steuerberatung does not offer the following:

  • Tax declarations for past years (only in exceptional cases)
  • Assistance in applying for or settling Corona aid and other governmental support programs
  • Consultation about legal forms
  • Consultation on wage tax
  • Consultation on social security
How does the Tax Service work?

For a smooth process it is important that you use your Kontist account as a business account. Above all, we need correct receipts for each transaction.

You have several options to send us your receipts. You can learn more here.

What if the Tax Service starts throughout the year?

If you start with the Tax Service throughout the year, all monthly fees for the previous months of the respective year will accrue retroactively.

More questions?

Our terms & conditions can be found here.

We indicate that the services of Kontist Steuerberatung are conducted by Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH. Support in tax-related topics such as machine-aided bookkeeping is provided by Kontist Service GmbH. Kontist does not offer support in tax-related topics nor tax advisory services, but conveys these services between you and our partners Kontist Steuerberatungsgellschaft mbH and Kontist Service GmbH. Please find our Terms & Conditions here.