Upgrade your Business: with Kontist & Visa

Get the new Kontist Visa Business debit card. With more control, more security and more flexibility.

  • Virtual card

  • Worldwide acceptance


“I pay the way I want, whenever, wherever. No matter if online, mobile or contactless. Everything can be easily controlled in the app.”

Lisa W.

Now with Visa

Maximum benefit, minimal effort

Use your virtual card

Your digital card can be used immediately after opening the account.

Pay contactless, online and mobile

Thanks to more payment options, now also with Apple and Google Pay.

Enjoy full control over transactions

Control your expenses with flexible payment limits, daily or monthly.

Pay simply and safely

Protect yourself with “Smart Agent”. Get prompted to check for fraud when a transaction is rejected and control the contactless payment function in the app.


Made for the self-employed

Your card? Accepted worldwide

Now with Visa: The even better card for freelancers and the self-employed. Kontist and Visa provide you with even more benefits, so that you can fully concentrate on your business.


Easy to use with the app

Banking for the self-employed? State-of-the-art

Activate your digital card in the app

Pay contactless, online and mobile.

Get real-time push notifications

Always know what's going on with your money.

Set withdrawal and payment limits

Easily adjustable in app.

Enjoy new security features

“Smart Agent” enables manual checking of transactions in the app.

Block the card directly in app

Order a new one in case of loss. No need for support.

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The all-in-one solution for the self-employed

Bookkeeping, Business Banking und Invoicing Tool – all in one App

In addition to a digital business account with automatic reserves for VAT and Est., a Visa Business debit card and great other features, Kontist accounting is now available in the Kontist app.

The new Kontist Bookkeeping allows you to focus on your business without distractions, while proven accounting experts from Kontist Steuerberatung take care of your financial accounting. Including provision of advance VAT returns, Profit-and-Loss calculation and business analysis. And all this without relinquishing control. For you, this means: more time for what's really important to you.


Join tens of thousands of happy customers

Tens of thousands of freelancers and self-employed people already trust Kontist.


I love Kontist. Since starting my self-employed journey I count on this bank account that does just what I need it to. You can't really make it any easier for a self-employed to organize their finances than Kontist!

Marcel Krippendorf, Shopware Freelancer, LinkedIn


Since I started using Kontist I have a much better overview over my spending, taxes and a clear grasp on my finances!

Laura Friedrich, Graphic Design, Web


Banking so easy – that's how smart banking works. My finances are organized easily, safely and with a clear overview!

Yvonne Gabriel, Expert for Customer Relationships, LinkedIn


Hey @Kontist and @lexoffice! Since I decided to use your apps & tools, accounting has become a lot easier and even fun! Thank you!!

Keno Hellmann, Online Entrepreneur, Designer & Freelance Musician, LinkedIn