Kontist - The bank account that thinks ahead

More time for what you love

No need to stress - save time and money with the first business bank account for freelancers that calculates your taxes in real time, automates your accounting and spares the world tons of paper

Real time tax forecasting

Never worry about “tax traps” again! Kontist automatically calculates income tax and VAT on your transactions and sets aside reserves for them on virtual sub-accounts.

Accounting Booster

Connect Kontist to your accounting and make your life even easier. Transactions are synchronized automatically, expenses are tracked and every receipt is matched immediately with the right transaction.

Real time banking

Kontist offers 100% transparency over your transactions. Nothing happens to your money without your knowledge. Receive real time push notifications about everything that happens in your account.

Instant & constant access

Finance management at your fingertips. Manage your finances on your phone, wherever you are.

Strengthen your business with real time financial information