A business bank account designed just for you

It's easier to keep track of your finances when private and business revenues don’t mix. That's why a separate business account is a good idea! Kontist offers you the same account features as traditional banks, but it is much easier to use and it waives high fees.

Your business bank account digital & mobile

Your own German IBAN

All the features you have come to expect from a traditional account

Easy handling on the smartphone

Fast and secure money transfers with just a few taps

App banking features

Easy to handle and 100% paperless

Forms, lost receipts, folders full of account statements. Kontist is here to counter this. It brings efficiency to your finances and saves you precious time.

Instant access to your IBAN number and your account.

24/7 secure access to your account via smartphone app and password or digital signature.

Communication with our support directly in our app via chat.

You order your physical Mastercard conveniently in the Kontist app.

The smart bank account that works for you

You get additional features integrated directly into the classic banking features, which your existing bank account does not offer.

Relaxes freelancer at his desk

The business account integrates seamlessly with a number of accounting tools as well as Kontist’s finance manager, which automatically puts aside tax reserves. It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your economy.

You can handle the financial management tools through the same interface as your business account. This gives you more control over your finances.

Fair and transparent

Kontist is easy to use, offers additional features and is much cheaper than traditional banks. Above all, we are transparent. We offer a standardized product for freelancers that costs the same for everyone. Because we have a modern IT and no physical branches, we can pass on our cost advantages to you. You can either switch completely to Kontist or set up a second account for your business with us.

Provider Account maintenance Paperless transaction Debit card
Account maintenance Free Paperless transaction Free Debit card 29€ / year
Account maintenance 8,90 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 29€ / year
Account maintenance 6,90 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 29€ / year
Account maintenance 9,90 € / month Paperless transaction 0,20 € / transaction Debit card 30€ / year
Account maintenance 7,50 € / month Paperless transaction 0,15 € / transaction Debit card 35€ / year

Quelle: Geschäftskonten-Vergleich 2018, Für-Gründer.de

As safe as conventional banks

Thanks to our cooperation with solarisBank, a German bank licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the European Central Bank, your money is always safe.

Your money is kept in a regulated German bank account.

It will not be invested, moved or lent.

Your balance is protected by the German deposit insurance.

You can access your funds at any time.