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Kontist is the best business account for the self-employed. Why is that? It's simple: Kontist is made exclusively for the self-employed. We don't serve legal forms such as UG or GmbH. Means no compromise! The Kontist account is tailored exactly to your needs. In plain text: smart tax calculation, automatic tax reserves, integrated accounting. Nobody else has that on the market. And with Kontist Free, the start is completely free and non-binding. And to top it off, the amazing tax features are included in a free 3 month trial if you open the account now. Do your thing, Kontist takes care of your finances.


With Kontist Premium at your side

Don't be afraid of the tax trap

Where does it hurt the self-employed and freelancers the most when it comes to finances? That's right, taxes. That's why Kontist has premium features that no other banking app has. We solve this.

Automated Tax Reserves

With every transaction, Kontist shows you how much income tax and VAT is due and puts the corresponding amounts aside on sub-accounts. Say goodbye to overspending - and all the sweating when the Finanzamt wants it's share. With Kontist that's a thing of the past. Avoid the tax trap and always have enough tax reserves. It is simple. With Kontist.

Dynamic Advance Tax Payments

Only at Kontist: if your income tax advance payments do not match the current turnover, Kontist can apply for a change via ELSTER. Avoid bankruptcy or overpaying the Finanzamt with the first bank account that dynamically adjusts your income tax payments. We make your tax calculation even more precise and you only pay what you really owe.

How does that sound to you?

Still pretty theoretical? Our advice: just test it! Kontist Free is as non-binding as it can be - opened in just 9 minutes, directly online, free of charge and can be canceled at any time. And in case you want to test the tax features first, we will provide you with a 3 months trial. Open Kontist Free now and use the features for 3 months. It's on us. Do you have your ID ready? Here we go.

Accounting? No fear

With a Kontist Duo business account you have everything you need for your business. Incl. seamless accounting integration with lexoffice. Try it without obligation and see for yourself. The account opening takes a few minutes and you can cancel anytime. Check it out below.

All in one: offers, invoices, accounting and banking

Kontist Duo is Kontist plus lexoffice: banking and accounting in one. Kontist Duo supports you across your entire financial flow, from the first offer to the tax return. Thanks to seamless integration, your bookkeeping is automatically digitized and perfectly prepared for your tax return with Kontist.


Ready for the best self-employed account?

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Open your intelligent business account now: Kontist Duo is only € 13 per month* and includes everything you need for your finances. Test it without obligation - you can cancel monthly. Your German IBAN will be ready for you in a few minutes. And: We have a super convenient account switching service - completely free of charge, of course.

*13 € per month plus VAT in the first year, 19 € per month after that.