The Kontist app

Freelance finances comprehensive yet compact

Kontist is a banking app that integrates classic functions of a business bank account with an intelligent finance manager for freelancers and the self-employed. Kontist offers you the opportunity to master your role as a business manager with minimal effort in a reliable and secure way.

Instantly and always there for you

Kontist was designed for your smartphone and saves you confusing bureaucracy and a lot of time even at the opening of the account. You open your bank account on the go and free of charge via our video identification directly from the Kontist app - completely independent from a PC. Within minutes, all functions are available to you around the clock, free of opening hours and public holidays, 365 days a year. Your phone is now your bank counter, where you can, for example, refund a business associate the cost of a lunch in just a matter of seconds.

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How quickly can i open a bank account? We explain it here
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A full overview of your financial position

In just one app Kontist gives you all the important functions that organise your freelance finances. And all in real-time. In doing so, Kontist goes far beyond conventional digital banking.

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Keep an eye on the amounts to set aside for income and sales tax, as well as your expected net surplus.

Real-time banking

100% transparency of your transactions. We help you to keep track of your income and your expenses.

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  • Your Kontist app sends you a real-time push notification every time there is a movement on your bank account.
  • You will immediately receive an alert from your Kontist app if your bank card has been used.
  • Have you linked your accounting tool to your Kontist app, you'll automatically receive a push message when you have paid an item of expenditure. It will be prompt you to digitally archive your receipt straight away.

Secure banking

Security of your finances is the foundation of your independent work. That's why the Kontist app combines various technologies to give your account optimal safety.

Password protection

You can conventionally secure your account with a password. Or, you can log in to your account app with face recognition or fingerprint.

Security on the go

Whenever there is a movement on your account or your bank card is used, you will immediately receive a push message to your smartphone.

Quick intervention

You can change and adjust your bank account and Mastercard settings in the app - anywhere, anytime.

Card security

In case of loss, you can lock and unlock your card in the app and reset your PIN.


You should receive help whenever a problem arises. That's why Kontist offers immediate in-app customer support. Following on from your request, a fast and efficient solution is offered. On this point too, Kontist wants to support you in your workflow quickly and reliably, without costing you too much time.

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Hi! Our team at Kontist is here to help you with any questions you might have.

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