A bank account for freelancers by freelancers

We’ve experienced first-hand how complicated banking is for freelancers in Germany. Enough is enough. With us every freelancer gets a bank account: free, mobile and with extra features for successful business managment.

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iPhone Wire Transfer

Mobile Banking with our iPhone or Android App

Stay on top of what’s happening in your account, and categorize your transactions on the go.

A free bank account for your freelance business

Stay on top of your business finances and receive notifications for new transactions.

Automate tax and VAT with just one click

Categorize your transactions to find out how much to set aside for tax and VAT and what is "Yours" to keep & spend.

Sanley GbR Income: VAT saved
+ 1038 €
- 166 €
- 262 €

No more surprises on Tax day

Your tax and VAT views update automatically to show how much money has been set aside. Jump into the tabs to see the associated transactions and the allocations details.

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Kontist helps you

Save the right amount for income tax and VAT

Automate your accounting with direct integrations. Learn more →

Stay up-to-date with push notifications


More features coming soon

We’re hard at work building new features that help you stay on top of your finances.



Your very own Kontist payment card



Tax and VAT save themselves after each categorization


Early warning system

Avoid cash bottlenecks with smart warnings


Saving targets

Set saving targets with flexible automatic saving options

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Safe and secure


We are committed to keeping your data safe. Kontist implements the highest safety standards in the industry and never shares any of your information without your permission. All of your data is encrypted, and sensitive account actions (like wire transfers, or changing account information) are secured with two-factor authentication.


The Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungen (BaFin) and the European Central Bank are the regulating bodies for all Kontist bank accounts, ensuring your money is safe and your privacy is protected.

Deposit guarantee

Your deposits are secured by the European deposit fund and are safe up to 100.000 €, the standard for all European credit institutions.


The Kontist team

Freelancers shape the work of tomorrow. We innovate, take risks and change society with our daily work, while creating new jobs in the process.

At Kontist we believe that


Freelancers deserve a dedicated bank that understands their challenges and provides specialized tools to help.


Entrepreneurship and self-employment are important forces driving society and the economy.


Freelancers should enjoy the same privileges as employees, without having to worry about administrative work.

Get a smarter bank account. Build a better business.